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Kenya has plenty to offer in terms of tourism. Kenya has a climate with mostly pleasant weather conditions all year round free from the extremes of summer or winter. (There are two rainy seasons from March – May and September- October more or less but even in this season it is possible to have sunny days.)

In addition, Kenya is very scenic and picturesque with amazing landscapes which are also diverse in nature. It is quite possible to take a one hour flight from Nairobi and find yourself in a Desert, lush tea estate, mountain alpine forest or the savannah of Masai Mara depending on which direction the plane flies. Diversity of landscapes and natural vegetation within a relatively small land area is a unique aspect of Kenya.

Probably one of the most significant attractions is the magnificent Wildlife that one can see in Kenya – everything from the Big cats such as Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, to Elephant, Rhino, Giraffe and more, all of which can be seen in their natural habitats as opposed to confined spaces such as Zoos.


GALLERY (Amboseli National Park )

tour and see kenya! with flti.

Foreign Languages Kenya Offers a touring experience for both our students and any other “explorers” who are bored. Bored with just looking at Kenya through Nat-geo or other animal documentaries, without really knowing how these animals or locations look and feel like in real life. We schedule visits to these locations at very affordable prices and ensure that we provide the best tour guides.