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About Translations

FLN(Foreign Languages Nairobi) has professional translators. These professionals are experienced in translating different languages. Therefore, ensurering you fully understand what it is that you are reading or writing. 

In addition our translation service providers also interpret important health and medical information, including but not limited to training materials for community health workers.

translation services

Given the many years of slow and carefull development, our translation services are fully recognized. by both the Kenyan authorities and by the Spanish Embassy in Kenya.

interpretation services

Our translation department offers interpretation services in several areas:. These include but not limited to development, commerce, tourism, and others. Furthermore, We take care of the supply and installation of the necessary equipment, including delegate headphones, microphones, interpreter booths, and public address systems among others.

subtitling and voice over

Our translation department also offers subtitling services as well as voice-over services for feature films, short films, corporate films, advertisements, and documentaries among others.